Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a new way for you to track your applications as well as discover new ones. You can also use it to check if your apps are up-to-date.
What are the advantages of
We believe that uses a much more democratic way to rate apps, by counting the number of users you can define the value of an app to a much higher degree than using ratings.
Why aren't you using star ratings?
iusethis was created because Marcus and Arne didn't like the current rating-system of apps. We don't believe that star-rating gives much insight into how good an app is. We are always looking to improve on ways to rate an app (and we really appreciate any feedback on it).
Why should i register?
You can store the apps you use on iusethis, so it's easy to download them again if you get a new computer. You will also be able to help others pick the best apps, and we can suggest new apps to you based on your profile..
Can I add tags to existing apps?
app owners can add tags to their apps. If you feel that an app is missing a tag, please submit a problem report to the author from the app page.
Do you support RSS feeds?
We support RSS for most of the different ways you can view an app on iusethis. Either look for the RSS icon in the footer of the page, or if your browser supports rss autodetection, it should show up in the location field as well.
Who's behind iusethis? Is it a corporate thingie?
Nah. Iusethis was made by Arne and Marcus. We're just these guys, you know? But we really know where our towels are.
I can't put HTML on your site, what's up with that?
Well, we decided to support the Textile format made popular by various blog software. To find out more about the syntax, check out this reference.
I want RSS feeds!
That is not really a question. However, we provide plenty of feeds; Check them out.

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