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Buzz about iusethis

In a crowded market, it's all about differentiation, and iusethis has it in spades. While MacUpdate and VersionTracker have been slugging it out for years, iusethis has arrived to take them both out.
With its unique "I use this" feature, iusethis has the opportunity to offer a significant challenge to MacUpdate, VersionTracker, and other established competitors in a crowded market.
--Phill Ryu
Sometimes, problems just need a new viewpoint. i use this is a new OS X application tracker that heavily borrows Digg's effective formula to quickly create an impressive listing of available OS X applications and their popularity. Applications are tagged by their function (utility, itunes, video, web, etc.) and registered users click to note "i use this" for the applications they use.
-- Ars Technica
Despite the seemingly complex nature of this idea, its really quite simple when you play with it, and could turn out to be quite cool.
Great resource for discovering what other OSX users are running on their Apple Computers. Digg like interface for discovering new applications with plans for a recommendation service based on your current apps.