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Different people have different needs. That's why we try to provide a varied set of views on your iusethis data. You can view hot apps, top apps, new apps, new releases, apps with a certain tag, or even a combination of tags. you can also search for keywords, even limited by license.

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds from your contacts, or any other user profile. For instance, if you are a fan of Jon Hicks, you can subscribe to his apps, or even to his contact's apps. Also, you can subscribe to recent activity, which you can find under your profile. This will let you get notified about replies to your comments.

While on the subject of comments, we also have a rss feed for our recent comments systemwide. Another recent addition is individual comment feeds per application, so app owners can pay attention to comments on their apps. They can also track the adoption of their app through the user list RSS feeds. (You can thank Daniel from Red Sweater Software for this feature.)

Of course, anything you want to search for, you might want to keep track of. That's why we provide RSS feeds for every relevant view of your applications in iusethis. If we don't, it means it's an oversight, so please tell us about it.

Links to the rss feeds for the ones mentioned above.

Missing some feeds? Tell us about it.