Trackbacks to your blog posts about apps.

Trackbacks is a convenient way to turn the blog monologue into a conversation. The way it works is that it lets you "prod" another article with your post, that refers to it. The article then presents a link back to your post. In this way, it's possible to build a distributed conversation between blogs.

We know some of you like to blog about your favorite apps, or new and cool apps you've found. If your post links back to the iusethis app entry, and your favorite blog software supports trackback auto-discovery, everything should just work automatically. Otherwise you might have to do a bit more work, by adding the URL to the app entry in the list of urls to ping while composing the entry (This is the case with WordPress, for instance).

The spam issue

Unfortunately, because the trackback prototcol is so open and simple, many spammers have discovered it, making it painful to have a trackback implementation open to the world. Rather than trying to blacklist them out (a nearly hopeless task), we've implemented a whitelist of URLs. That means you have to register your domian to use the trackback functionality. However, this is as simple as entering your web hostname in this box and pressing the button (Requires you to be logged in!):

So, once you got working trackback support, you should be able to see a link to your entry on the sidebar of the application entry. That was easy, wasn't it? :)