Version: 1.5.11 build 25801 || Release Date: 2011-10-18 || License: Freeware App Owner: smileyboi

Utorrent is a miniature torrent app, that has a low impact on your processor whilst working at rates that would put other apps to shame.

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Any chance we could fix this app name: µTorrent

Appears with a spurious  in Chrome for some reason.

I just recently acquired a mac, and i was a dedicated user of uTorrent for Windows. I have seen articles on Transmission and a lot of people swear by it, but uTorrent is excellent and definitely a viable alternative!

Awesome application. I totally understand that people love Transmissons gui but utorrent just works better for me and the Mac. Transmission has some bad performance issues when it comes to a lot of peers and download speed (Snow Leopard problem?).

Is there a way to limit bandwidth per torrent yet or do I have to wait for one of the next releases? Couldn't find a way to do it.

Finally!!! utorrent was the only reason for me to use Parallels because no Mac client was as fast as this one. Now I don't need Parallels anymore. Woohoo!

Transmission has a better user interface, handling, stability, etc, BUT uTorrent give me faster downloads. Probably is because DHT. Wish Transmission implement that in future versions.

Transmission is far better than this is right now

As of it's looking very promising, but is still quite buggy. I've been playing with it, but if you regularly use BitTorrent then I'd suggest going with something more stable and less quirky for now.

It's working much better now. A bit disappointing that you can't select a download location yet, but removing files and torrents work, as well as throttling download / upload rates. And it does seem to connect to peers and sources a lot faster than Transmission. It's looking promising.

Now you have an official beta - go for testing!

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