Version: 0.0.10 || Release Date: 2012-07-06 || License: GPL App Owner: lawrenkw2014

0 A.D. is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game under development by Wildfire Games.

0 A.D. features the familiar real-time strategy gameplay components of building your base, training your army, combat, and researching of technologies. The game is about economic development and warfare Wildfire Games aims to deliver an experience that is refreshingly innovative but at the same time familiar, focusing mostly on the military aspect of real-time strategy. The game will pursue a strong sense of historical accuracy without damaging gameplay. It also aims for a high degree of replay ability by being easily moddable and the formation of a large online community. The player will have to build a city and an army following the rules of standard real-time strategy games, collecting resources and constructing buildings. The game will include multiple units and buildings specific to each civilization as well as both land and naval units.
Multiplayer functionality has been implemented that uses peer-to-peer and it has been confirmed that there will be no central server.

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