Version: Version 4.3 || Release Date: 2014-04-22 || License: Shareware (49.99) Developer: AgileBits | App Owner: dteare

Too many passwords to remember? 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

1Password is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong passwords.

Your passwords, identities, and credit cards, are just some of the confidential information that 1Password stores in one secure place, protected by the only password you will need to remember.

1Password has received numerous awards, including 4.5 mice from Macworld magazine, MacLife Editors pick, and was the Pick of Week on MacBreak Weekly by both Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann.

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Wonderful application. I use the Application to sync passwords with my multiple Macs, and to my Android and iPhones. The UI is well thought-out, and the dropbox integration makes sync a trivial issue. I haven't had a chance to try the Windows version yet, but the screenshots look to be functional, if somewhat less stylish than the OSX version.

Thanks for a great app.

Great customer service and it's a cross platform product! I have been using Mac version since March 2010 and recently purchased another license through a bundle. I needed some assistance on a license and Agile's customer service responded to my email 2.5 hours. I had a response and a resolution to my request. Now THAT is customer service!

I am looking forward to using both the Mac and Windows version so my entire computing experience is complete for my online password retention/recall. I am very happy with this program. It does what it advertises and does it very well.

It's the Swiss Army Knife of online password storage!
It's the Swiss Army Knife of online password storage!

1Password is an absolutely crucial app for your Mac. Full of features, easy sync with iPhone, multiple browser support, and several updates keep coming. 1Password is a must have. Go for it. It's a great investment.

This is an indispensable app, I use it on all my macs and my iphone. The syncing is flawless (uses dropbox). Browser integration is great and I especially like the 'Go and Fill Login' option.
Support is fast and friendly.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Thanksgiving giveaway: registered users got to gift the app to friends and family. All in all I'm a very happy customer.

I have been using 1Password for a year or so on my Mac, but mostly for remembering my bad passwords :-). Recently after the WikiLeaks thing in 2010, a number of sites were compromised, and I used this as my wake-up call. In an hour or so I was able to go to each of the scores of sites that 1Password had remembered for me, get logged in, generate a strong, unique password, and have 1Password replace it.

Now that all our passwords are different and impossible to guess and hard to crack (as they should be) a tool like 1Password really becomes essential.

We got the Windows version for my wife's PC, and share the same super-encrypted passwords file.

I have an iPhone. 1Password works there, too -- and better yet, with it's seamless support for Dropbox (also awesome), it uses the same password file there, too.

Best of all, Agile Web Software completely rocks. They are organized, responsive, helpful and reasonable about licensing. Worth every penny!!

This is the first piece of software I install on any new Mac or Windows PC.

All around great software! With 1P's Wallet feature and the ability to sync with my iPhone, I no longer need to carry a small deck's worth of airline, hotel or car rental service membership cards on my business trips.

They also have awesome customer support: fast, knowledgeable and attentive people answering your email messages.

Keep-up the great work!

This is a great product, perhaps the most useful and important on my iPhone, which syncs with 1Password on the Mac. The two together make this an essential tool. There is so much that needs to be secure these days, so many sites that need logins, identity information, credit card and bank information that you need to work and purchase and pay bills on the web, and of course serial numbers for all the software you own. The serial number for your software is what you bought. Without it your software is worthless. It is so important to protect that and have it securely accessible. 1Password is great, and not just for logins, but for far more, for everything in your digital life.

I've used 1Password since May 2009. This is a productivity/security tool that no Mac user should do without. It's well worth the price. I no longer have to worry about creating secure passwords, or most importantly remembering them. Pair it with Dropbox and you have an elegant backup and syncing solution. On top of that, the 1Password Pro iPhone app is a lifesaver when you need to access important passwords away from the comfort of your Mac.

Regarding the Thanksgiving giveaway: I have been involved with the computer industry for close to 20 years and have dealt with many companies both large and small. I must say that I have rarely come across a company such as yours that is innovative in its products, dedicated to its users and generous to a fault. I wish some of the "big boys" would take a leaf from your notebook. Thanks a bunch! You made some of my clients very happy.

I have been a user of 1 Password from Agile Web Solutions since March of 2010. Let me first say that this is one of the most used and useful applications I have. Agile releases regular updates and has lightning fast support. Extremely fast response to emails and very courteous. I sent an email to support and received a reply in eight (8) minutes. How about that for response time. I am definitely a big fan and a more then satisfied customer.

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