2x2 for Mac OS X

Version: 1.2.1 || Release Date: 2012-02-14 || License: Shareware (9.99) Developer: AnyTech, Inc. | App Owner: anytech

2x2 (Two by Two) is a multiplication puzzle game

2×2 (Two by Two) is a multiplication puzzle game. Your goal is to solve multiplication puzzle where all digits are replaced by letters. To achieve best score you should solve puzzle with minimal number of errors and in minimal time. 2×2 is easy to learn but hard to master. Game is simple, smart, and addicting. Simple: rules of game are very simple, only basic math skills are required to start playing game. Smart: this game will allow you to test and improve your math skills, calculation skills, logic, and even knowledge of probability theory. 2×2 is a perfect choice for all fans of puzzle and math games. Addicting: 2×2 is a very addicting game. With large number of possible combinations no two games will be the same. If you like this game - you will play it again and again.

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