Version: 1.3.2 || Release Date: 2007-11-07 || License: Shareware (19) Developer: Robert Vasvari | App Owner: momerath

AASync is a File Backup, Folder Syncronization utility. It is simple to use, and it allows local as well as remote backups over an FTP or SFTP connection. Makes it very easy to back up your files to a remote server or another local disk or maintain your website! The sync engine will detect the changes, and copy only the changed files for efficiency. Here are the main features:

-Folder Synchronization: Local-to-Local, Local-to-Remote (any protocol) and Remote-to-Local (SFTP/SSH only). If folder sync's target is a local or remote Mac with ssh access, fork/type/creator data is preserved!
Retains fork data, type/creator and attributes on Mac-to-Mac transfers (local AND remote).
-Scheduled Sync.
-Ability to ignore certain files or file types.

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