Ableton Live

Version: 8.3 || Release Date: 2012-04-18 || License: Commercial with demo (469.00 €) App Owner: defined

Ableton Live is a solution designed for each stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance.

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the real app name is actually "" not "Ableton", because of this, AppFresh does not find the program as installed. can we change the title? is the title of the apps supposed to be the "real" filename or the (full) title of the application?

This is a <a href=""> duplicate</a>

Best music production software ever!

@ aeko:
You may change it yourself.
Just click on "Suggest new version" and then add the new data for this application.

Title needs to be changed. Live is at version 6.0.7 now.

Super efficient and worth every penny. It makes making music with software fun, more like an instrument than a piece of software. Very well designed and everything seems well thought out.

Simply the best !

Great for composition and live (duh) performances. Plays well with VI and FX. Has a pretty decent set of DAW functions, as well.

And version 6 has some great features coming just around the bend.

One of my favorite audio apps. Download ReVision and you can sync video with Live!

most versatile audio/midi sequencing app there is.