Version: 2.1 (v210) || Release Date: 2009-04-09 || License: Shareware ($26) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: erin

Gnutella file-sharing client.

Search and download files from millions of Mac and Windows users. Speed is everything, so Acquisition is optimized for the fastest transfers - Gnutella & BitTorrent. Acquisition automatically sends downloaded files to iTunes and your iPod or iPhone. It's beautiful, elegant, and simple. Acquisition is the P2P app Mac users deserve.

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What are good alternatives to Acquisition?

I agree with those other comments:

"This is the ultimate utter crapware.

Never on all my Macs have I had an app that crashed practically on every shutdown.

Never have I had an app that froze that often.

Never have I had an app that refused my registration information blankly. (Now, what would you do? Yeah, ask the guy who created that crap! But…)

Never have I had an app whose creator refused to answer any question or complaint about his garbage."


"To me, this is bordering on malware. After closing the multiple and repetitive nag pages that Acquisition hijacked Safari into loading for me, I promptly quit the application and trashed it. Simply out of principle, I do not support any app that hijacks other applications with nags, and I will not put up with such foolishness to simply evaluate shareware."

In short: complete rubbish......AVOID

OK I suppose...just as fast as limewire re: downloads

Pros: Better GUI and you don't have to wait till the file is fully DL'd before realising it's spam, click on the download and it will reveal what it is (unlike Limewire, where you have to resort to navigating to the partialDL folder and seeing what's in there). Also takes up vastly less CPU and RAM. VERY impressed with this side of things

Cons: I always seem to get more results on Limewire <confused>?????? .....which is odd seeing as they are both using the gnutella network

You also cannot specify to just look for (for example) programs. I'm afraid that you really can't. Acquisition will STILL look for everything and the filter just filters the results you SEE, it's STILL searching in all the categories (for instance, typing up toast will search for ALL toast files)....Limewire on the other hand, is able to search in the one category you pick ALONE rather than search everything but only SHOW you one category (so acquisition's not as focused as limewire here).
Or put it another way, with filter "prog files" on; Limewire will ONLY search for prog files, giving you a quicker result (it won't even register other file types...very focused searching); whereas acquisition will register ALL files, but only Display the prog's still searching for everything though (it still wades through ALL the files with that name).....slower to find things and less streamlined. (Limewire does a true search filter, acquisition is merely a display filter).

Finally, tends to crash on shutdown a lot (unlike limewire). So much so, that this issue is even a permanent fixture in the help/faq section (you have to trash a file in the lib, which means you have to enter your serial number again and again). :( .....not too impressive on this side of things then.
Having used this a bit more I have to say that the "crashing on app shutdown" is SO recurrent that it reminds me of a windows program :)

Read more comments here:

this guy is really good at developing nice looking apps.

"You also cannot specify to just look for eg music."
Sorry but NOT true. Just click on the "Music" icon in the results window, as opposed to the default-marked "All," and you will see only music ( or video, or whatever you choose ) results.

To the below. Who honestly pays for a p2p application? Come on now.

if you don't want it to nag you you should just buy it. it's not like it's that expensive. and it's the best p2p i've used on the Mac. plus the iTunes integration is really nice, can't be beat

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