Version: 2.1 (v210) || Release Date: 2009-04-09 || License: Shareware ($26) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: erin

Gnutella file-sharing client.

Search and download files from millions of Mac and Windows users. Speed is everything, so Acquisition is optimized for the fastest transfers - Gnutella & BitTorrent. Acquisition automatically sends downloaded files to iTunes and your iPod or iPhone. It's beautiful, elegant, and simple. Acquisition is the P2P app Mac users deserve.

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Use Cabos or Acqlite.

Yea the nagware is AWFUL. Most annoying app ever because of that, yet I still use it because its really good. Going to try Acqlite now since there is none of the nagging crap.

Best P2P app on OS X ever

AcqLite is like Acquisition minus the nagware.

I actually had trouble finding useable results when using Acquisition. I did the same search on both Limewire and Acquisition and Limewire found more results and was faster doing it, while Acquisition struggled to find 5 results.

Man, I never thought I'd pay for a p2p program, will miracles never cease?

No question, the cleanest and most refined p2p avilable on any system. It works great all around, and keeps spam and crap links filtered out perfectly. You can't beat it.

Kick ass application. I bought it within days of using it. Fantastic UI, quality capabilities. The dev is a jerk, but he makes good crap - reminds me of Mr. Jobs. ;-)

Simply the best P2P program available, and the best looking interface around

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