Version: 2.1 (v210) || Release Date: 2009-04-09 || License: Shareware ($26) Developer: David Watanabe | App Owner: erin

Gnutella file-sharing client.

Search and download files from millions of Mac and Windows users. Speed is everything, so Acquisition is optimized for the fastest transfers - Gnutella & BitTorrent. Acquisition automatically sends downloaded files to iTunes and your iPod or iPhone. It's beautiful, elegant, and simple. Acquisition is the P2P app Mac users deserve.

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Don't pay for piracy apps. Dave is a leech to the mac software community, greedily making a profit off of a system that's purpose is to let people have things for free.

The only reason you would pay for this is if you didn't know any better. Use acqlite, it's back in town, and does everything this app does :)

@apple098 : If you can give me a native, universal, P2P Mac app, then I'll hug you. I've been looking for one ever since I got my first Mac back in 2006.

How come every positive comment on this app has bad ratings? Someone is devoting her or his life to negative thoughts. I will give it a try and I will try my best to like it. Over 1300 users can't be that wrong.

The fact that uploads are no longer listed is a major problem with this version. Why pay for an application that doesnt list them when you can get other that do for free. Are they needed? YES they are. It's useful. When such a simple thing isnt there, it makes me feel this is broken.

It is still unstable, it still drops connection and it still crashes /hangs on quit. All things that should been fixed long ago.

ernesto_a10: it is shareware agreed, but when the dev lured people in with promises of "free updates for life" and then tries to charge $24 to upgrade from v1 to v2, then he is a LIAR.

The icon ok, but the nagware has gottten a whole lot worse.

Honestly, there are free apps that do the same thing and better. Why pay for this garbage?

Version 2 seems like a downgrade.

- the preview function no longer works
- uploads are no longer listed
- still as unstable as ever, connection drops after 5 minutes, hangs on quit
- more obtrusive "buy now!!!!11!!" dialog and more limitations
- uglier icon

And to add insult to injury he's charging another $24 to version 1 owners, minimum.

It does look pretty though....

I've been using it for years, and I agree that it used to be unstable, especially back in early 2005. That said I haven't had stability problems for awhile, despite multiple OS upgrades and a transition to Intel. It's got a great interface and is probably the best P2P client I've ever used on either Win or Mac.

Well I paid for it but that doesn't guarantee a faultless app.
Still crashes quite frequently.

Maybe a future update will fix this, but until then I've removed it from my hard drive.

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