ActioM Personal

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2012-07-11 || License: Shareware (15) App Owner: umbre

ActioM Personal is a todo list manager for Mac with classification by subjects.

ActioM Personal is an actions list manager for Mac (OS X LION).

Its sober design is conceived for simple and effective use.

With its elegant interface and pleasant to use, ActioM Personal provides all functions to capture, organize and remember all the things you have to do.

You can add a description to each action, assign them a priority and due date.
Each action can be organized according to subjects of your choice, with the possibility to combine several subjects in each action.

Filter the view of the actions to see only those of a given subject, view all or choose those that do not matter.
You can sort the actions in order of creation, deadline or alphabetically.
ActioM allows you to quickly see the important actions or delay.

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