Version: 0.9.3 || Release Date: 2007-03-15 || License: Freeware Developer: Kaboomerang | App Owner: jcrosby

Actiontastic aims to be a Lean Mean Action Contextifying Machine.

It is a GTD (Getting Things Done) application that allows Inbox collection (including a Quicksilver plugin), Processing into Actions, Projects, and Contexts, and acting on these items in their Context views. All of this is aided by filtering to show only the very next action for each Project if desired.

The latest version supports iCal syncing via Sync Services, allowing iCal-friendly PDA support as well as iPod export.

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Please some activity... some information about the development. I felt a dog trying to bite his tail wile browsing the site and blog.
I'm used to work with iGTD, but Aciontastic as a far pleasant UI. I'm trying beta 8 but I can't bring todos from iCal, only todos added to Actiontastic sync with iCal. Only me?

works very well with quicksilver now. the reason I use this is because it's going open-source. I can't sttand the idea of locking myself in to a proprietary application for this very important information. if he could just release the code anytime soon so we could help out...

i use it with QuickSilver to add spur-of-the-moment entries without disrupting my workflow

Here's a wicked (?) thought:

How about Jon and Bartlomiej (Actiontastic / iGTD developers respectively) teamed up? Instead of working on two different (and free) apps, intended for the same purpose.

I'm certainly not a GTD boffin, but to me, the concept and layout of Actiontastic and iGTD do not look too divergent.

Still, of course, I somehow realize why there would be an understandable reason not to consolidate these projects, judging from the developers' standpoints. I'm not sure how easy it would be to just let go of (or reform beyond recognition) something that one spent countless sleepless hours to come up with...

Just a thought (or wish, I should say). I find the idea especially intriguing, since it would be great to see something truly potential, yet free/donationware, hold its ground against the forthcoming GTD app (habanero) cooking at OmniGroup's.

My efforts in following the GTD methodology are half-assed at best, but I like Actiontastic. It seems simple and logical enough for a putz like me :)

I like the QuickSilver integration too. Simple, but it does the trick!

Wow, I haven't had the chance to try this out fully yet, but holy crap - it's now freeware? And will be open source soon? Amazing. This may very well be the killer app for GTD, especially with Frictionless development seemingly dormant and that app itself so unstable.

I wonder how it stacks up against iGTD.

I can't wait to see the web integration!

this app is great!! i love it, i can do more fast my everyday tasks