Version: 1.5.7 || Release Date: 2013-07-02 || License: GPL Developer: Adium Team | App Owner: the_tick

Adium is a fast and free instant messaging client which supports AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Yahoo! Japan, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, and Lotus Sametime. Adium supports beautiful WebKit message display, tabbed messaging, encrypted chat, file transfer, and more. Give it a try; you won't look back.

Adium is currently translated into Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

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Outstanding Mac app! Only 2 problems:
1) File transfers can be a bit flaky at times.
2) Forget A/V chats.

The only problem with Adium is that it's mac-only :-)
A really great app!

Adium is almost unusable for ICQ. Adium 0.8x drops messages ( is only marked "fixed" for Adium 1.0) and Adium 1.0 beta doesn't even connect to ICQ in many situations
I prefer Fire – it has less fancy features, but works.

the best chat program i have ever used! tons of customizations & works with so many chat clients. They just need to add voice and video to this and I will uninstall every other chat program i have (except skype ;-) )

As an instant messenger, unmatched in features and configurability. As an open-source project, it's the model of efficiency and organization. Five stars.

As a recent switcher to the Mac universe, I was initially findin it difficult to chat with my friends and family. iChat which is include with the Mac (I think) has a pre-requistite that your friends also use iChat (I thin .Mac membership is needed for this).
Eitherway, I could not chat with anyone until one day I found this app. Now I can chat with my friends and family as this App works with other Messenger Apps.
Definitely worth a trying. You will love it...


Best application on OS X.

Rob: <- Make adium more Mac feeling for you!

Adium is just awesome (and not because I beta test for them!)

My only issue with Adium has been that file transfers on our private Jabber network doesn't seem to work (iChat has the same problem as well). It's the best cross-protocol IM client that I know of but I tend to stick with iChat at the moment despite Adium's message log search being infinitely superior.

It battled my awkward proxy and won! Well till the beta came out anyway

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