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Version: 1.7.258 || Release Date: 2009-11-22 || License: Freeware App Owner: seadude8140


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v8 is much quicker than v7.

This is basically an echo of everyone else's opinions:
It's big, VERY slow, and not worth the hard drive space, except perhaps for the exceedingly rare time(s) when Preview doesn't work perfectly.
I should point out that, after using Preview to open a few hundred PDFs, I've never had it render incorrectly. Not to say it can't happen, but it's very rare.

I hate this app.

quite slow to load and run, but feature packed and free

Adobe Reader still remains a tool to keep available. It can do things with PDFs that Preview cannot: display 3D models interactively !

I had this instyalled for a while and never used it. Still, I thought I'd upgrade to the latest version - but it wanted to download and install each intermediate version to get me there. How the application can not know to just download a new installer of the latest version, I do not know.

Use Preview instead if you can.

Adobe Reader is much better at rendering documents that have been scanned (so the text looks like graphics) than Apple Preview is. Otherwise, it's quite a pain to use.

This software is large, invasive, and always opens up maximized. It takes 30 seconds to launch, even with some services disabled.

I ONLY use this software when I have to open up DRM protected documents.

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