Adobe DNG Converter

Version: 8.3 || Release Date: 2013-12-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Adobe | App Owner: arundel

Standalone application for converting RAW photos to DNG.

Adobe DNG Converter takes nearly every Camera RAW file on the market (NEF, CRW, PTX...) and transcodes it into an open standard format developed by Adobe. By removing proprietary specifications and encryption built in by camera manufacturers, the purpose is to ensure your digital negatives can be opened at any point in the future.

Benefits to DNG include better file compression without losing any pixel data (lossless); the ability to embed and extract the original RAW file; and saving internal metadata (instead of sidecar XMP files) when using Adobe software like Bridge to make non-destructive adjustments.

New versions of the app are released regularly to support new Camera RAW formats.

Note: The download archive also comes with the latest RAW plugin for the latest CS and Elements. If you have an earlier version of Photoshop please see the
full download page
for prior plugin versions, which can be used alongside the most recent DNG app. Always check the Readme for full details.

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1 Opinion

Would be nice if this thing would make better use of processing power (that is, multicore…), and it has some UI quirks… Still, it's Adobe giving out something incredibly useful for free, which is quite unusual. Most RAW software won't handle my Sigma DP2 files, getting them into DNG format first helps me out greatly. Even allows me to use an older version of ACR so I don't have to upgrade to the abomination that is CS4! Woo hoo!