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Flash® Professional 8 is the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content.

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Flash is the only app that has consistently managed to bring every Mac I've ever owned to it's knees. Vote with your feet and promote an open web by uninstalling it:

HOWTO: Fix OS X by uninstalling Adobe Flash

Let me say I hate FLASH. Why?

- Use more processor power = more heat = more consumption = LESS BATTERY LIFE!
- Web designers started to use flash to embed ADS!
- Introduction to websites? Who wants them?

These days, you can use lots of effects in web design using CSS. Don't waste bandwidth using flash.

These are only a few motives iPhone don't have flash support.

indeed it sometimes crashes after you did an afwul lot of work, and you where just about to save it!

it still remains a very nice app, and it is a very funcionnal tool!

egypturnash: I hear your. I used to enjoy working with flash project but now it's just it's just painfull. Right now the only choice is and just use the Flash IDE for pure animation stuff when there arent any other easy way.

Terrible interface ever since MX (6). Crashier on Macs than Windows. Do regular 'save as, close, load new files' or you risk losing all your work.

How did I end up using this piece of shit for most of my paying work?