Adobe GoLive

Version: 9.0 || Release Date: 2008-11-24 || License: Commercial with demo (399 $) App Owner: pygmalion

Adobe GoLive software lets you unlock the power of CSS with intuitive visual tools such as prebuilt CSS objects that you can drag and drop to build sophisticated sites. Jump-start your designs by easily converting Adobe InDesign® layouts into Web pages. Or, design Web and mobile content in an advanced, standards-based coding environment.

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2 Opinions

I use version 7, not version CS2.

A fantastic (if buggy) app. Great for organising static sites. Great for throwing things together quickly. Surprisingly good text editor. Not great CSS support (in WYSIWYG) but good in text/css editor. I much prefer this to Dreamweaver - but then I've used this from the very early beginnings as GoLive Cyberstudio when it blew my mind. The first web design app - out only on the mac. It changed my world at the time, back in the very early days of web design. Those were the days!