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Version: CC 2015 || Release Date: 2015-06-16 || License: Commercial with demo (Unknown) Developer: Adobe | App Owner: elmoman

The essential software for perfecting your images, Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 offers productivity and workflow enhancements, powerful new editing tools, and breakthrough compositing capabilities.

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The swiss army knife to manipulate photos.


Not sure what everyones issues are, PS3 ran well although it was a bit slow to load on my MacBook (although the 1000 fonts probably had something to do with it) the app itself was amazing. And now PS4 flies on my new 2009 MacBook Pro. An amazing app.

It's huge and slow to load. For some things it's all that will do but for most stuff photography related, I use Aperture on the Mac along with Pixelmator for stuff that I would formerly have used PS for.

There simply is no alternative to Photoshop. For every one person who knocks on PS because of a problem that specific user had/has, there will be hundreds if not thousands working perfectly fine with this beast of a program. That's simply the nature when the said program is at the top of the pyramid.

I'd love to avoid it but the competition is far behind !

I've used Photoshop for Windows professionally in all its versions since 5.0. Moving to the mac, I was looking forward to finally using the app on it's 'home turf'. But somehow they have managed to make Photoshop even less pleasant to install, configure and use on Leopard than it was on Windows. That's got to be some kind of engineering miracle.

Leaving aside the myriad interface woes, which there is not enough time in the day to describe, what galls me most about Photoshop CS3 on the mac is how un-neighbourly it is. After installation I found my Applications folder cluttered with Adobe subfolders, one for each component of the application - including several I hadn't agreed to install (Adobe Bridge, anyone? Adobe Device Central? Adobe Stock Photos? "Adobe Help Viewer 1.1", an application I am never going to run separately in my life?) Each of these folders was full to the brim with licensing agreements I'd already agreed to, and support files that should be living in /Library/Application Support/. None of these folders or applications can be renamed or moved after installation, otherwise the applications stop working. None of these components can be uninstalled without uninstalling the whole application - and you cannot even start the uninstaller without closing all your browsers first. This same casual, careless contempt for the user and their system extends to the design of the entire application.

After 7 years, trying it on the mac was the last straw; I have come to thoroughly resent this application and Adobe's attitude to software design. I'm frantically exploring alternatives because I do not want to be beholden to Photoshop for another minute of my professional life.

The only way Photoshop will get measurably better, faster or more pleasant to use is if they start again with a clean sheet of paper. I'm not holding my breath.

This fu%#&ing app is still completely broken on Leopard.

The cursor disappears and selecting anything is impossible.

Do not buy. Do not use. Adobe has no respect for their customers.

Huge and expensive, great if you know what your doing, overwhelming if you don't. I wish there was a more consumer version of this application that was a Universal Binary.

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