Adobe Updater

Version: || Release Date: 2009-06-25 || License: Freeware Developer: Adobe | App Owner: tael_

Software to update all adobe products

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I was seeing "Update Available" because it was finding an old copy of the updater in addition to the latest. Try doing "Reveal in Finder" and then clearing out the older version.

Yes, I agree. It still says "Update available" even though I've had the latest version for quite a while. That fact prompted me to try again, but there were no updates available. "Tedious rubbish" is well said!

took a minute of scratchin to find this update within the site:

didn't know how to change the link for this w/o being it's moderator.

10.5 was glitchy and insidiously slow even after slimming it down.

...just hopes this fixes its retry errors and failure to recognize already updated apps.

Agree with neuemodern! It always says I need updates, downloads said updates, tries to install them and then says something along the lines of "Cannot find anything to update..." something like that... When I clearly have CS3 installed, and in the default location. On both my machines. Buggy as anything.

badly programmed and tedious rubbish