Adobe Widget Browser

Version: 2.0 Build 230 || Release Date: 2012-09-15 || License: Freeware Developer: Adobe | App Owner: species8472

Add slideshows, drop-down menus, and other interactive features in Dreamweaver CS5+ and customize the Widget options to fit your Designs!

Widget Browser helps users visually browse and configure a variety of user-submitted widgets. The Widget Browser provides a way to configure JavaScript and CSS properties of these widgets through a dynamically generated user interface. While the Widget Browser works independently of any Adobe software tool, users of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 will be able to insert these widgets in their webpages.

With the Widget Browser, you can:
Preview and download all of the OpenAjax widgets available on the Adobe Exchange web site.
Add widgets to Adobe Dreamweaver so that you can easily insert them in your web pages.
Export and package widgets for use in any other HTML editing tool.

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