Version: 1.2.0 Prerelease 3 || Release Date: 2012-10-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: zais

ADOM is very complex game which using ascii as GUI.

Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM for short) is a roguelike game which means that it is a single-user game featuring the exploration of a dungeon complex (and in the case of ADOM a few other games of this genre: the exploration of a large wilderness area with villages and many special locations). You control a fictional character described by race, class, attributes, skills, and equipment. This fictional character is trying to achieve a specific goal (see below) and succeed in a difficult quest. To fulfill the quest, you have to explore previously undiscovered tunnels and dungeons, fight hideous monsters, uncover long forgotten secrets, and find treasures of all kind.

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