Aeon Timeline

Version: 1 || Release Date: 2012-05-01 || License: Freeware App Owner: fuffy_frog

Traditional timeline applications provide a one-dimensional perspective of events in time. Their primary purpose is to display data, not to capture, explore and create ideas. They are presentational, attractive, well-suited to overhead slides and projectors. They suit after-the-fact recording, not spontaneous creation.

Aeon Timeline is different. Aeon Timeline grew from a conversation amongst writers about the timeline tool they want to see: a timeline that is more than a list of dates and events; a tool that captures the changes caused by an event, not just the event itself; a tool that displays not just the plot points for the story they tell, but the world of causality behind the narrative; a tool that could describe many lives in a connected universe. Foremost, they want a tool designed for them, not a tool they must wrestle to their command.

Aeon Timeline aims to meet this need.

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1 Opinion

The app is the first of its kind that i know of. I see it as a direct help in fiction-writing, that goes beyond the simple "time-check" functions, as Points of View and Places are also displayed.
Use it at the plotting stage and you see possibilities (and impossibilities) that wouldn't have struck you. Especially great for crime fiction and fantasy authors, IMO.
Also, i didn't test the integration with Scrivener but i guess it is a big plus for some users.