Version: 2.1.3 || Release Date: 2007-03-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Jaan Patterson | App Owner: umijin

This is a small and fast utility for your internet browser. This app will (according to the developer):

*Clean Cookies
*Clean History
*Clean Browser Caches
*Clean Download Caches
*Clean Forms
*Clean Recent Searches
*Clean FavIcons

*Disable Safari's PDF support
*Enable Safari's debug menu

*Checks if any Browsers are opened at launch
*Checks for Software update at launch

Current version supports Opera, Shiira, and OmniWeb in addition to Safari, FireFox, and Camino.

I used this to delete my iusethis cookie so I could access the site properly again. :-P

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4 Opinions

Anybody has the .dmg file of afterSurf? (Version 2.1.3, if possible.)

afterSurf and all the other applications from this developer are no longer supported.
They're still mentioned in the developer's website, but the download is not possible anymore.
The alternative? Maybe OnyX, which has an option to clean browsers' history, cookies, caches, etc. But it does it for ALL browsers. There's no way to select each browse individually, just like afterSurf does.

afterSurf is not freeware.
You have to pay almost 6 euros (around 8 US dollars) for a user licence.

Developer seems to update this frequently...