Air Cam

Version: 1.3.7 || Release Date: 2009-10-22 || License: Freeware Developer: Senstic | App Owner: hankydysplasia

Air Cam lets you view live video feed from your iSight webcam (or any compatible external webcam for Mac) directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch using a Wi-Fi network.

Need to have a baby monitor? Set up your iSight webcam in the baby's bedroom, and remotely check up on your baby with your iPhone/iPod Touch without stepping into the room.

Ever wonder what your cats or dogs are doing when you are not there? Use Air Cam to remotely monitor them, while you are in another room. Why limiting to your pets; do it to your roommates too.

When hooked up with an external webcam, you can even turn Air Cam into a home surveillance system. Simply point your webcam to the location you want to monitor, and receive live video feed on your iPhone/iPod Touch.


* Live feed from webcam right on your iPhone/iPod Touch; you see what the webcam sees.
* Support Macbook's built-in iSight cam.
* Support external USB or Firewire webcams. (Click here for a detailed list of supported webcams).
* Easy to set up with zero configuration.
* Password protection of Air Cam access.
* Auto-reconnect after iPhone/iPod Touch idles out.

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1 Opinion

Works only with a 9.99 $ iPhone application.

So while the server software is free, the whole solution is not.