Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2013-02-11 || License: Shareware (12.99) Developer: Xnet Communications GmbH | App Owner: xnet_dev_team

AirDial is a PBX telephony tool for Mac. Dial a number and send the call to your phone or mobile.

Dial on your Mac, Talk on your phone.

AirDial is a PBX telephony app that runs in the background on your Mac to aid productivity.
AirDial connects to your PBX or VoIP Provider to form an invisible bridge between your Mac and your Phone.

Simply dial a number from your email, address book, website or any app.
AirDial will dial the number and send the call to your phone.
You may specify any type of phone, your PSTN hard phone or mobile.

**You may also dial a number manually by clicking the AirDial icon in the System Toolbar.

Note: our app will only read your contacts, it does not copy them or share them.

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