Version: 1 || Release Date: 2009-12-04 || License: Shareware (7.77) App Owner: berenwulf

Airlock allows your Mac to lock itself, plain and simple.

Airlock allows your Mac to lock itself, plain and simple. Using your iPhone or iPod Touch, Bluetooth, and a smidgen of pixie dust, Airlock determines whether you're near your computer. When you leave the room - poof! - your Mac locks itself. “And when I come back?” You guessed it: your Mac unlocks. You can also customize Airlock to perform specific actions as you come and go - have your computer talk to you, log-in or out of iChat, walk the dog, and such.

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Unfortunately I consider this app unusable in it's present state. I like (the idea of) it and I feel for the developer, but at this point, I've uninstalled it.

very kewl idea HUGE downside is Bluetooth kills the battery life of both your laptop and iphone... seriously if you haven't ever enabled bluetooth on your laptop watch how fast it eats it up. On my MBP 2.26GHz OS 10.6.2 bluetooth off I get from 6 - 8 hours on a full charge bluetooth on it drops to at best 2 hours. It's just as bad on your iphone and we all know how iphones eat up battery charge. I love this idea I'd love to see it implemented in some other way like over a network. 90% of the time if you are in the same place with your phone and computer they will be using the same network that might be an alt way to do this.

Again I do like this idea A LOT actually! but bluetooth costs too much to me in battery life

It keeps locking on me even though I have the phone right next to me :S

The only downside I see is if you've got Growl installed and HardwareGrowler is running, the Bluetooth-On/-Off notifications sooner or later will drive you insane...

This is indeed magic. And it's shiny too!
Nice work, worth every penny of the cryptically priced at $7.77 which is a three machine license.

Works great thus far. Can't say enough about the developer. At first I had problems (that ended up being a true issue with my system). I sent an email to support which was immediately replied to from the developer. We walked through the issue in real time via IM until we determined what the issue was - again it was NOT an issue with the app. While it wasn't an issue with the app, he still helped me rectifying it and I’m enjoying the app.