AirPort Location

Version: 0.60230 || Release Date: 2011-05-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Andrew J. Freyer | App Owner: andrewjfreyer

Airport Location restores laptop settings based on the laptop's current physical location.

Airport Location remembers your laptop's settings and open applications based on your physical location. It can tell where you are based on what wireless access points are around you. The more wireless access points around you, the more accurate Airport Location is.

Use ethernet? That's fine, Airport Location detects ethernet too!

Whenever you go to a new location you'll be asked to name that location. Then, it takes a "Snapshot" of important settings and open applications.

Next time you fire up the laptop in that location, your saved settings are restored and your applications are opened.

A Snapshot can be updated at any time from the Airport Location menu, located in the menu bar.

Set the volume like you would normally, set the desktop like you would normally, set the brightness, the printer, bluetooth power, all exactly like you otherwise would. No messing with individual settings.

Airport Location does not rely on SkyHook or CoreLocation. It's accurate whether or not your area has been added to the SkyHook database!

It can even use your iCal calendars to intelligently suggest names for new locations!

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