Album Art Thingy

Version: 1.11 || Release Date: 2008-11-25 || License: Shareware (15) Developer: macFoundry | App Owner: chubbybat

Album Art Thingy is the easy way to fill in your iTunes collection's artwork. Just leave it running and every time it spots a tune playing in iTunes that doesn't have album art, it retrieves the art from the internet and adds it to that song, and all other songs from the same album.

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3 Opinions

Minor issue: doesn't work on Snow Leopard. Although it might be a local problem with my installation, I think it is related to the software version. I would like to sort it out - only their website is offline! Grrbm

I really dont use this app for album art purposes. only for the lyrics feature. still a good app :D

This application works very smoothly. Definitely the best solution for album art downloading I have found, and well worth the $15!