Album DS Pro Mac

Version: 6.4.6 || Release Date: 2010-11-30 || License: Commercial with demo ($349.00) Developer: Art Fotografic | App Owner: blinden

A tool for photographers to create albums within Photoshop. Over 800 templates included and supports freehand design. Templates can be opened at any size or ratio.

Album DS is album design software and works like a toolbar for Photoshop CS or higher. Photoshop's working area is used for designing the albums and you have direct access to all of Photoshop's tools plus Album DS's automation and asset tracking. Other album design products are missing Photoshops advanced tools and features and you end up going in and out of Photoshop wasting valuable system resources and time.

If you need a template it will open in Photoshop at any album size you specify by double clicking any template thumbnail. You don't need to search for a predefined size or aspect ratio template as any template will fit any size, and best of all you may easily modify the document in Photoshop because it is a true layered PSD file.

Album DS automates the designing process by keeping track of used pictures, placing images automatically, applying effects, allowing direct and easy access to templates, backgrounds, masks, clipart, styles, frames, and more.

Also included is a filter for searching available templates. You may search by total number of pictures or narrow down further by including how many horizontal and vertical pictures you wish to have for a given page. There's also a resizable and dockable mouse over preview that shows large previews for any element (pictures, backgrounds, clipart etc.).

To see what Album DS can do, download the free 30 day demo. It's fully functional and just limited by the amount of templates and other elements included.

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