Version: 1.2.2 || Release Date: 2009-07-13 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: EdgeRift | App Owner: drakasx

Secure Everything, The Mac Way.

Unlike some password managers that focus exclusively on one thing - managing passwords, AllSecure makes it possible to encrypt and securely store anything on your Mac. A host of item types are built-in to get you started:

  • Passwords / Web Login
  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card
  • Serial Number
  • Calling Card
  • Frequent Flyer Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Secure Note
  • Wireless Key

Keychain, built into Mac OS X for password and certificate management, uses the aging Triple DES encryption algorithm. AllSecure's 256-bit AES encryption is not only more secure, it's also nearly six times faster than Keychain. Compare Triple DES with a 64-bit block size and 168-bit key length to AllSecure's AES-256 implementation with a 128-bit block size and 256-bit key length. If you need security, you need AllSecure.

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6 Opinions

This was my secured storage app before i bought 1Password.

Was really good but lack of development has destroyed it. I would recommend not buying until they shape up

Correction: in my review, I stated that this software is too expensive. That's because the listed price on iusethis is $39. In fact, the price is $24.95. A good deal; I've submitted the proper price, so hopefully the listing will reflect that soon.

Much more lightweight - but still nicely designed and very functional - than 1Password, which (as of version 3.0) seems to be on the verge of bloatware, and has also proven to be unstable on my Safari 4.x/Snow Leopard installation.

I like that you do the entries manually, as it keeps annoyances while working low.

Not good?
- Too expensive, by far, IMHO. Should offer a sidegrade for 1P users.
- Should offer more views (list, icon, detail) of passwords.
- Should allow you to launch a site and fill password with a simple command or click. Right now, as far as I can see, it takes two (click on the item to open it, then on the little arrow by the site's web address.)
- Should be able to import keychains and maybe 1P databases.

Still, I'm using it and very pleased.

The only thing it lacks is proper browser integration, right now if you want it to fill a login you have to do it from the app itself.

I absolutely adore the interface! An awesome app and a great alternative to 1Password. One of the best Macintosh apps ever!