Version: 1.5.3 || Release Date: 2008-01-02 || License: Shareware ($15) Developer: Leaping Bytes | App Owner: bikefridaywalter

AlmostVPN is an ssh tunnel manager for Mac OS X with a twist. This is what makes AlmostVPN different:

it packaged as Preference Panel, so you do not have to use yet another application to configure your tunnels
it uses creative network configuration techniques to provide almost VPN like access to remote services, so you can keep using real IP addresses and port numbers while accessing service on the other side of your tunnels.
it provides simple way to
... mount remote volumes
... use your remote printers and faxes
... access you iTunes, iPhoto and almost any other Bonjour based application
... upload/download/execute files (with support for console and X11 based applications)
... use your favorite remote access application (VNC, ARD, RDC or just good old shell )
it is scriptable, so you can start/stop your profiles exactly when you need it
it can import tunnel definitions from SSH Tunnel Manager, SSHKeychain, SSH Agent and JellyfiSSH

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2 Opinions

This doesn't get recognized by AppFresh as the application name is now AlmostVPNPro. I'd suggest making an alias to connect the two. Also, I'd add proxy to the tags on this app.

I found that this prefpane provided the automation and configuration that I wanted out of SSHTunnelManager. AlmostVPNPro (even the unlimited single-host trial) allows me to redirect all requests to my mail server through an SSH tunnel. This allows me to check my mail at work where the mail ports I would normally need are closed off.

Overall, great app, and free if you only need one host.

one of the rare pieces of software i bought, but this so simplified the task of remotely mounting the drive i have at home with my music library on it, i simply couldn't complain. the bonjour support is pretty damn cool, too!!!