Amadeus Pro

Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2012-10-29 || License: Shareware ($59.99) Developer: HairerSoft | App Owner: martin

Amadeus Pro is a multitrack audio editor. It includes advanced features such as batch conversion and processing, sound denoising and repairing, plug-in support, audio analysis, etc. Perfect for transferring your old vinyl or tape recordings to CD, editing your podcast, etc.

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7 Opinions

I like Audacity just fine, but it is rough around the edges and the price point for the useability of Amadeus is fantastic, so I keep them both handy.
It's one of a small handful, of cheap and powerful Mac apps that I knew I'd buy just minutes into trying it out.

The CD burning feature and good (though tedious) pop/click editing make this a good program for burning LPs to CD. I used WireTap Pro do do the actual recording (which makes quick work of converting sound to AAC or MP3), Fission to losslessly slice and dice them, then Amadeus Pro to do a bit of clean up and set markers and burn. If I had it to do again, I might start with Amadeus Pro and stay there.

Amadeus seems good but when I'm using it (previewing effects and general use) it keeps crashing. It's too bad, guess my only other decent option is Soundtrack Pro.

Amadeus really is way better than Audacity, but it's also $40 more. They certainly each have their place.

I tried to use Audacity as well, but it didn't work very well for me. In a MacSomething Heist, I got Amadeus (Pro) and it works much smoother and more intuitively and so far is more stable too. How I hated the message that appeared whenever I tried to open a Logic sound file containing a weird character (space?) somewhere in the path name and they all had to be renamed for crossplatformity's sake...

Audacity? Gross! Amadeus is simple, intuitive, and doesn't carry the (unavoidable) warts of a cross-platform app. The UI is gorgeous and belongs on OS-X. A total gem, I'm so glad I found it!

I'm personally a fan of Audacity.