Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2013-12-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: Copyright © 2011 Limit Point Software | App Owner: madnoh

Amelita is a menu bar app consisting of many utilities whose features are listed below. The features of this app are mostly a consolidation of the features in our various contextual menus wriiten for earlier versions of Mac OS, but no longer supported on Mac OS X 10.6 and above. And some features are borrowed from our other apps. Since the functionality of each contextual menu resided in a menu itself, usually the Finder's contextual menu, it is a natural evolution of those products to be combined into one menu bar app for current versions of Mac OS.
Note that features are contextual, and will display only if they are applicable. For example, "Copy Image or Movie Poster" will only display if the Finder selection contains at least one image or movie file. "Set Icons From Clipboard" will display only if the clipboard has an image on it. And "Add Senders to Address Book" will display when the frontmost app is Mail and it has a message selection.
What can Amelita do for me?
Displayed below are the actual menu item titles and tool tips, in the order they appear in the menu bar menu.
• "Copy Image Or Movie Poster"
Copy the graphic image or movie poster frame of a selected item in the Finder to the clipboard.

• "Get Movie Info"
Show movie info for each selected item, if available.

• "Set Icons From Clipboard"
Set icons of selected items in the Finder from the clipboard image.

• "Add Clipboard To Icon"
Overlay the scaled clipboard image on the icons of selected items in the Finder, like a stamp. Note that you can copy file icons to the clipboard using the Finder's contextual menu.

• "Set Icons From Web Location"
Add favicon (or "shortcut icon") to selected web location items in the Finder.
• "Remove Custom Icons"
Remove custom icons of selected items in the Finder.

• "Make Images From Icons"
Create images of the icons of one or more selected Finder items. The generated size is always 512×512.
• "Filenames"
Apply the selected operation to the filenames of the Finder selection. Note that these operations are undoable by this app. Functions: lowercase, uppercase and capitalize names, hide/show/toggle extensions and prepend, append clipboard to names, set name to clipboard.• "Email Items"

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