Amnesty Widget Browser

Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2008-12-08 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Mesa Dynamics, LLC | App Owner: saddino

Amnesty Widget Browser is a utility for Mac OS X Tiger and Panther that allows Dashboard widgets to have expanded capabilities as they run directly on your desktop, including opacity, window level, scaling and rotation.

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What a ripoff. Open terminal and type:

defaults write devmode YES

Click and drag the widget from Dashboard to your Desktop. This has been available on OSX since Tiger.

If all you want is dragging to the desktop the widgets preference pane does it for free.

This is cool not only for desktopizing widgets but for allowing scaling, rotation and transparency tweaks. Some widgets are way too big! ( Like that superniceoriginalwelldone BarCode Clock, for example, which looks GREAT after a 25% scaling-down and some transparency added with Amnesty. ) Some look better translucent on the desktop. Etcetera. Will Leopard make Amnesty obsolete? We shall find out soon!

Amnesty's ability to allow you to select the window level (desktop, standard or floating) for each widget running oustide of Dashboard is one of its most useful features (and as far from "nonsense" as you can get).

If you are just looking to drag your widgets from your dashboard to your desktop, TinkerTool will do it for you (debug dashboard). You can't spin it around or any such nonsense, but you can do it for free.