AmpliTube X-GEAR

Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2011-04-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($129.99) App Owner: jfaucett

AmpliTube X-GEAR is a software shell-host that allows you to open, in stand-alone and plug-in mode, any current “Powered by AmpliTube” product.

AmpliTube X-GEAR (which stands for eXpandable Guitar Effects and Amps Rig) represents the first fully modular and customizable amp and FX modeling software environment, providing instant access to 195 superbly modeled amps and effects from all current “Powered by AmpliTube” range and even further expandability with future products.

• The first fully modular, customizable and expandable amp and FX modeling software system

• Provides a single host interface for AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Fender™, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, AmpliTube Metal, and future “Powered by AmpliTube” products

• Full mixing and matching between all the modeled gear

• Opens and reads all “Powered by AmpliTube” presets

• Allows full automation of each opened model’s parameters

• Allows complete integration with StompIO or StealthPedal, IK’s range of audio interfaces/floor controllers

• Allows MIDI controls with MIDI learn functionality

• Works both as a RTAS/AU/VST plug-in and standalone version on Mac/PC

Amplitube X-GEAR includes:

• 3 Amp models (American Tube Clean 1, British Tube Lead 1, BA-500)

• 3 Cabinet models (4×10 Open Vintage, 4×12 Closed Vintage 1, BA-500)

• 3 Microphone models (Condenser 414 , Dynamic 57, Condenser 87)

• 3 Stomp effect models (Overdrive, Wah, Analog Chorus) plus Spring Reverb and Noise Gate

• High-precision tuner

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