Version: 0.98.1-1 || Release Date: 2009-12-28 || License: GPL Developer: Jerome Gagnon-Voyer | App Owner: germinator

aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone, with features such as: Webcam, Costum Emoticons, Skins, Tabbed Windows, Chat logs, and a lot of features that the MSN version for mac doesn't support.

10.3.9 PPC Available at this adress:

For 10.4 universal

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Ugly as sin and with a UI that rubs up my "cool polished apps" nerve the wrong way all the time. However, it works reliably and iSight support is the most predictable between it and Mercury.

Only reason I use it is because it can receive MSN's "Offline Messages", and even then it seems horribly slow on my MBP. Adium's still my primary IM program.

Skype does it for me wrt video-chat.

I use aMSN only for the isight feature - usually I much prefer Adium. Any other good messenger programs out there allow the use of iSight?

i like this. Because it can use isight for video chat. Normally, i use adium. :-)

Nice, but it seems to lock up very frequently, so I'd use Adium over it any day...

This is nice if you want support for video or audio via msn, but other than that Adium beats it hands down.

Thanks sadmac... I want to buy an iSight, that's why I would like to know that... It's quiet an investiment, I gotta be sure it will work, lol!!!

I have never tried Mercury, no. I'll give it a look, thanks for the tip. More choice is never a bad thing.

aMSN works with my built-in iSight on my MacBook, for the record. Not sure about external Firewire iSight cameras.

It also works with the USB MacAllly IceCam on my G4 tower.

Hey, Guys... does anyone know if this aMSN supports an iSight cam?

Sadmac i guess you never heard of mercury messenger, because i've been doing video chat with my windows friends for quite a while now useing mercury.
As a matter of fact there are some of my windows friend that i have problems sending vid to when i use amsn. When that happens i simply swish to mercury and i have no problems what so ever.

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