Anacron for MacOS 10.4

No version information || License: Freeware Developer: Ronald Florence | App Owner: giesbert

Anacron runs the periodic daily, weekly and monthly tasks on your Mac even if the machine (a laptop, for example) spends much of its time asleep or switched-off. Anacron silently checks when you reboot and every sixty minutes while the computer is running to see if the various periodic scripts are overdue, and runs them if necessary. The advantage of Anacron over many other solutions to this issue is that it runs as a proper Unix background process, requires no user intervention, and uses the regular periodic scripts, including local additions or modifications.

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1 Opinion

Sounds useful... Just installed it. Not sure how well it works yet, though it seems simple enough.

One question, to anyone who's used it: is it at all intelligent about avoiding running scripts during high HD/processor use? If not, I can see it being a bit of an annoyance at times...