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WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning snack for Human Body Anatomy*, Strength Anatomy*, Physiology*, Surgery* and Dentistry*.The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organised manner.

*You can purchase "Human Body Anatomy, Strength Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery and Dentistry" applications from within this app (In-app Purchase) just for $1.99 each.

App features include tutorials, quizzes and flashcards.

"Human Body Anatomy" includes tutorials on:

Anatomy Basics,
Body Planes,
Epithelial Tissues,
Connective Tissues,
Muscular Tissues,
Nervous Tissues,
Cardiovascular System,
Cardiovascular Illustrations,
Digestive System,
Endocrine System,
Human Reproductive System,
Male Reproductive Organs,
Female Reproductive Organs,
Integumentary System,
Lymphatic System,
Immune System,
Muscular System,
Nervous System,
Respiratory System,
Respiratory Illustrations,
Skeletal System,
Urinary System,
Human Bones,
Body Cavities.

"Strength Anatomy" includes tutorials on:

Fitness and Exercise,
Male Shoulders Strength Anatomy,
Male Arms Strength Anatomy I,
Male Arms Strength Anatomy II,
Male Back Strength Anatomy,
Male Chest Strength Anatomy,
Male Legs Strength Anatomy,
Female Back Strength Anatomy,
Female Abdomen Strength Anatomy,
Female Buttocks Strength Anatomy,
Female Legs Strength Anatomy.

"Physiology" includes tutorials on:

Cell DNA,
Body Temperature,
Blood Pressure,

"Surgery" includes tutorials on:

Common Surgical Procedures,
Objectives for Safe Surgery,
Creating an Environment for Surgery,
General and Preoperative Care,
Nutrition for Patients,
Anesthesia Related Techniques,
Wound Healing,
Postoperative Care,
Minimal Access Surgery,
Head and Neck Surgery,
Breast Surgery,
Ear,Nose and Throat Surgery,
Thyroid Surgery,
Cardiac Surgery.

"Dentistry" includes tutorials on:

Introduction to Dentistry,
Teeth Anatomy,
Adult Teeth Types,
Child Teeth Types,
Tooth Structure and Directions,
Tooth Development,
Wisdom Teeth,
Tooth Diseases (Gum),
Tooth Diseases (Cavities),
Dental Disease Prevention,
Dental Extraction,
Dental Implants,
Types of Implants,
Dental Braces,
Tooth Numbering System,
Dental Amalgam.

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