Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2013-11-28 || License: Closed beta Developer: Fotonija | App Owner: linasvaliukas

Anglonas is a fast and easy to use English-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-English dictionary app for Mac OS X.

Anglonas uses a well-known dictionary compiled by Bronislovas Piesarskas back in 2005. Since then, the dictionary is constantly being updated with the latest definitions of words and phrases.

Anglonas was created by a Lithuanian company "Fotonija" which has been in the dictionary making business since 1991. The company has produced other famous language-learning software products, namely "Alkonas", "Anglonas", "Frankonas", "Juodos avys" and others.


  • 145,000+ different definitions of words and phrases
  • Samples of word or phrase usage
  • Pronunciation guides in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  • Word history
  • Fast and simple user interface
  • Integrated Service for translating words or phrases from other applications
  • Automatic updates over the internet
  • Universal (works both on PowerPC and Intel Macs)

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