Another Mine

Version: 0.9.11 || Release Date: 2010-10-29 || License: Freeware Developer: WillShex Limited | App Owner: billy1380

A minesweeper "clone" for Mac OS X written in Cocoa. All the same rules apply: guess a bit, do the maths, find the mines, save the day.

- Added icon to image bundle drop-down.
- Users can now select their own button colours, while the previous stock interface is default and still fully supported.
- Using command+A users can invoke the auto-solver, which attempts to solve the current mine puzzle.

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2 Opinions

Best Minesweeper clone on the Mac that I've seen to date.

at last , simple , elegant and free to boot.
AnotherMine has retained it's window's cousin feel and clean style to the graphic refinement most of us crave for and seldom obtain.
plus it is easy to tweak ;-)
bliss ...