Version: 2.2.3 || Release Date: 2014-02-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Julien Ramseier | App Owner: mt36000

AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to completely and properly uninstall unwanted apps.
It isn't, in fact, sufficient to just delete an application. Installing an application distributes many files throughout your System using space of your Hard Drive unnecessarily.
AppCleaner can find all these small files and safely delete them.
The toolbar has the following useful features.
Drop an application onto the AppCleaner icon and AppCleaner searches for the related files and then by clicking the red cross it deletes them.
If you change your mind, just click on the green arrow back button.
The "Applications" button shows all the applications installed on your system. You can select them and then click on the magnifying glass search button. AppCleaner will search for the related files of the selected applications and delete them, too.
The "Widgets" button shows all the installed widgets and the "Others" button displays all the installed Preference Panes, Plugins and Screen Savers.

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Great app, and does perform clean deletes of caches, hidden files etc.

This software, this free software is one of the most useful in the all day life...
Everyone should have it! AppCleaner asks my approbation before throwing the files into the trash, a great security, although I never saw mistakes happen with it !

@ ruahine:
You may try a replacement icon for AppCleaner. I'm using this one:

This does the job well, but the icon is horrible. Sticks out badly on my dock.

I have to agree with the previous poster, on one point. The 'Search' is somewhat counter-intuitive, and I believe it should be replaced with an 'Uninstall' button (or some other similar string).

Very questionable usability. Dragging apps onto the "uninstall" area works like a breeze, but clicking to "Applications" or "Widgets" is a confusing experience. One can select a bunch of things to delete, but then there's no obvious "uninstall" button, except for the one in the toolbar which switches to the Uninstall pane and loses the current selection.

It would be much clearer if the "Search" button at bottom was instead labeled "Uninstall selected" or something similar.

shiste, with this release, pretty much every bug i have seen is fixed. this "uninstaller" is now perfect. functional, thorough & visually appealing... bravo! feature-wise it's like a combination of uApp & AppTrap (because of the optional smart delete feature). brilliant work.

side note on my previous comment: i deleted the plist file from a previous version of appcleaner and now all the features seem to work just fine on leopard.

i have been using the leopard beta of appcleaner and aside from two apparent bugs; one which seems to prevent it from displaying widgets in the widgets panel and the other, which is that the history window is non-functional, i have to say that the rest of the application's features work fantastically.

i wouldn't call the interface obnoxious. maybe a little needlessly flashy! I suppose some people might like that.

Its just a 3d spinning cude that spins/changes sides one you click an option... a drag and drop interface as you'd expect but also has a list of all apps, widgets and plugins found on the system too.

Sure it might miss out the odd file but i suppose without a decent test know one will know which is the better this appzapper or appdelete! any one willing to give it a go

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