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A widget that will keep you informed about the latest guiles from Stuut. Stuut is a French website with tips about the Mac. Something like A New Mac Tip Every Day, MacTips or Leopard Tricks. /
voici un widget qui vous tient au courant des dernières astuces.

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Let me give you a free translation of the description:
"Here's a widget that will keep you informed about the latest guiles."
Stuut is a French website with tips about the Mac. Something like A New Mac Tip Every Day, MacTips or Leopard Tricks. This widget is a reader for that website's RSS feed.
(And no... It was not me who posted it here.)

@ tee_cee
Once again, I think you're absolutely right!
What that guy wrote is unaccepatble in I Use This or anywhere alse. I think Marcus should take care, or someday this website will be invaded by posts just like: "LOL... Gr8 avatar U got there, man! I'm gonna get me 1 like that 2."
As the King of Spain would say to yuccapalnt: "Porque no te callas!"
Better translate, 'cos he doesn't seems to understand anything but English: "Why don't you shut up?"

Yes, Marcus, you're right. This is an English language site.
I think I understand why the description of this widget was posted in French: this is a RSS aggregator for a French website with tips about Macintosh. So, if you don't read French, you won't need this widget. But I agree with you when you say that it should be posted in English (this website's janguage).
However, I cannot aggre with ravon when he asked for a description in "an international language". English is almost the "universal" language now-a-days (i agree), but iit's not the only international language. And my intention when I wrote my first post was to call attention to this, I had no other intention.
So, I cannot accept yuccaplant's attitude of insuting me (mistaking me for a French) or insulting the French language and those who speak it. That's intolerable!
Chauvinist? As I wrote before, I'm not even French. And my second language has always been English.
His post includes the most unacceptable words I've ever read in I Use This. If it is not xenophobia, I don't know what to call it.
Instead of marking the posts that "condemned" his attitude with "spams" (-2 points), he should show some really smart attitude and apologize. Apologizing is not a sign of weakness; it's a sign of intelligence. And if he is really an intelligent person, he should have already noticed that he's gone too far and apologize for that.

No disrespect for the french langauge intended, but this is an english language site. Please update the app entry description.

@ tee_cee:
You're absolutely right!
yuccaplant is not funny and has showed his ignorance.
And he's also RUDE. Otherwise he wouldn't have writen all those stupid things.

First of all, I'm not a girl. I'm a man (almost 50 years old.)
Second, I'm not French. I'm Portuguese. And I've learned English and French in public school.
Third, there's no language called Chinese. In China people speak several languages; the most common are Mandarin and Cantonese.
If you did not try to be funny (which you are not), you did not show your ignorance.

Correction to my previous post:
Instead of "millinos", please read "millions".
(Sorry for the typing mistake.)

@ ravon:
French is an international language.
It is spoken in France, Belgium, Switerland, Luxemburg, Canada (Quebec) and several African countries by hundreds of millinos of human beings.
If you don't understand French, then the problem is yours. (Not a problem of the language.)

And please add a description in an international language.

please add "widget" to the tags !