Version: 6.2.9 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($79 (USD)) App Owner: rmillstein

Applications for word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, painting, presentation, database. An Apple product, hasn't been updated in some time (and apparently won't be). However, you can't beat it for simplicity and ease of use. I prefer it to MS Office.

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One step up from TextEdit and one step down from NeoOffice. I'm hoping to replace it with AbiWord and maybe other GNOME ports.
The thing is that it loads pretty fast, and can import MS Word documents. Spreadsheets, not so much. I'm glad it came bundled because sometimes I just don't have time for NeoOffice to load- rushing out the door and need to get an important phone number, etc.

It have very nice, and stable, database features. I used intensively its database features while writting an academic thesis. It's sad to see Claris Works/ Apple Works almost abandoned.

It hasn't been updated in years, has a persistent cut-and-paste bug, but is a great writing tool with a powerful spreadsheet. Apple, please bring AppleWorks into the 21st century!

Yeah, it's ancient. But for a quick letter or sketch, it's handy. I still have it in my dock!