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Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2010-10-12 || License: Shareware (2.99) Developer: Chimp Studios | App Owner: aschenk

App Scanner Lets iOS Devs Check Apps Pre-submission

App Scanner is basically a pre-flight utility to prepare for submitting an app to the App Store. You can drag-and-drop your iOS app onto the program and App Scanner will dig through it, checking for the use of any private APIs (the 1.0 release can search over 24,000 method signatures). It should also help reduce “false positives”—when a developer uses a custom method name in their code that just happens to match the name of one of Apple’s private APIs.

** Drag 'n Drop simplicity
** Search over 24,000 method signatures
** Scans Mach-O Binary files for matches
** Comes with Sample iOS App
** Lists classes that contain private APIs
** Ensure open source code is free of private APIs
** Community driven feedback reduces false positives
** Read review guidelines while apps are scanned
** Frequent updates to keep pace with new iOS releases
** Set filter rates to weed out improbable matches
** Easy to read documentation
** [Coming in future version] Find private API instance variables

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