Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-09-14 || License: Shareware ($6.90) App Owner: snowdrop

The apps license manager.

AppShelf is the perfect solution for managing your purchased applications. With its user-friendly interface, AppShelf is an easy way to store application and serial information. In fact, AppShelf even lets you attach files such as the app installers!

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5 Opinions

1Password does everything AppShelf does and more. It hasn't been updated in 2 years, and the feature set feels unfinished. Doesn't even have a help file. I liked the pleasant, uncluttered GUI, but overall, it's a lemon.

I have never tried AppShelf; however, I have 1Password and love it. It has this functionality and many more features as well. It is a huge time saver and organizer of important, sensitive files.

@daskaja I'm not sure if you really mean AppShelf. You can add apps to AppShelf that are not installed on your machine. And which detail view did you mean?

I dunno... seems somewhat useless without some sort of backup capabilities. How bout a mobile me sync?

I added a few apps on there. I guess its alright

I got AppShelf with the MacHeist bundle and I've to say. This software isn't even worth one dollar. There're many flaws in the program, like the detail view without any information in it when you double click in the tableview without something selected.

I wasn't able to add programs I own but which aren't installed on that particular machine…