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Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2011-01-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Apple Inc. | App Owner: vicegold

The Apple App Store for Macintosh Computers.

Download more than 1000 Apps for your Mac!

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It's just turning into another iTouch app store - developers are just porting their shoddy 640×960 iPhone apps to mac, complete with their misleading suffixes like "App FREE". And casual users are eating it all up and keeping the shit on the top of the Top Charts. I'm sticking with sites like iusethis.

Nice app. Very simple and intuitive interface (although the positioning of the traffic lights is a bit inconsistent with other apps). A fun way to stumble upon new apps, many of which are free. Would be nice to be able to uninstall apps via the app store, and also to try apps before buying.

Pretty invasive, IMHO. I want to control my apps and not leave it to Apple. The store only recognizes some of the software I've already got installed while not recognizing most of the software I have installed. Plus there's no way to trial most of the software.

Don't like it. Won't use it.

Sequence to my previous post:
I found a solution to update Twitter from version 2.0 to 2.0.1. I have uninstalled version 2.0 and then I downloaded and installed version 2.0.1 from the App Store.
But I suppose that my problem was caused by some bug in the App Store.
I'd like to know if someone else had this problem too.

It's impossible for me to update the apps purchased in the (Mac) App Store.
After I sign in, I go to the "Purchases" section and I get the info that there is a update available for Twitter. When I click on the "Update" button, I always get this message:

"You have updates available for other accounts.
Sign in to (null) to update applications for that account."

I have no other account in the App Store. So, I don't understand what's happening here.

Could someone explain this?
And how to update the apps purchased in the App Store?

The main problem for me is the fact that you cannot try the apps before buying.

The ability to buy individual apps out of iLife & iWork is a really nice touch.

Nothing spectacular so far... and honestly the prices for the apps for what they are most are WAY OVERPRICED right now. Very simplistic silly utilities priced over $20.

I'll give it time to see where it goes but right now it's nothing special.