App Tamer

Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2015-10-08 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: St. Clair Software | App Owner: stclairsoft

App Tamer automatically pauses applications to deliver more efficient CPU usage and increased battery life

Some Mac applications, especially web browsers, continue running tasks or animations even when they're supposed to be idle in the background. This can consume valuable processing power and reduce battery life. App Tamer's unique AutoStop capability automatically pauses these applications when you switch away from them, and then restarts them when you click back to them. This frees your CPU and reduces power consumption.

App Tamer includes an attractive and clear user interface for managing your running applications. It shows the average percentage of your processor(s) being used by each app, and graphically displays a history of CPU usage. You can easily enable AutoStop for any application, as well as change its processing priority in OS X.

App Tamer comes pre-configured to automatically pause Safari, Firefox and Chrome when they're in the background. AutoStopping other applications is just a mouse click away.

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